Air Quality Indicator Particulate Matter < 10 micrometer (PM 10)
for Stockholm County urban area.

Air quality indicator PM10 the latest 3 days
EMMA scale:
Bad Arrow EU limit value
for health protection,
24 hour mean concentrations
Very poor
Air quality indicator PM10 the latest 3 days
The indicator is based on hourly urban background monitoring and is automatically updated on the www every hour. The mean concentration for the last 24 hours is shown in the graph every hour. The hourly values are raw data.

The EMMA scale is proposed in the EC project EMMA as a common scale for air quality indicators. The limit between good and average air quality represents annual mean concentrations in Stockholm urban area.

Stockholm Air Quality Indicators, last hour:
Map regionNO2O3COPM 10
 City centre: - -
 Urban area: -
 Rural area: --

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